2016: Page 42

Just after my alarm went off this morning I checked my cell phone for messages and my iPad for a weather report and potential delay or closing information.  The weather had improved overnight with no advisories still in effect and only one school in the entire region was on a two-hour delay so it was unlikely that would spread here.  So, off to work to clear the sidewalks of the snow that had fallen overnight and to make sure everything at the building was ready for the day.  During snowy weather it is always a welcome sight when I arrive at the building and the guys are already there clearing the driveway and parking areas of snow so I don’t have to worry if people will be able to make it up the drive before it gets cleared.  

Once the building was ready for the day, I went online to get information about the upcoming CCCA conference that I will have a prayer ministry display at.  This led me to check where I stood with book inventory so I can be prepared with an appropriate amount of resources to take with me.  As I counted books, I was asked if I could check out the internet connection in the school office as they could no longer go online and get needed information.  While working on that, several teachers came in to report that they and their students couldn’t get online for research projects they were working on.  After resolving the internet issues I began to think about our constant thirst for information.  It’s not that information is necessarily a bad thing, the question we ought to be asking revolves more around what we are doing with the information we seek.  I fear that far too often we have become like the people Paul wrote to Timothy about who “are always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth.”  God has given us adequate information through His Word, through creation, and through His Spirit, among other means, that it is reasonable to expect that we would acknowledge Him as the source of all truth.

Unfortunately, many Christians have become good at obtaining information about God without learning the application of knowing Him.  With instant access to endless information, many have given up the element of faith that is required to please God and only trust what they believe they can learn completely.  Many have abandoned the faith they once professed because they now claim to be “enlightened” by greater information than what they could get from the Bible alone.  I tend to take a different route and the more I learn, the more I come to an understanding of the truth of God.  The information I understand confirms the truthfulness of God’s Word.  The information I don’t understand increases my faith in a God who can speak everything into existence — I mean, who really understands that except through faith?

I pray that you and I always come to an understanding of the truth in all of the seeking of information and knowledge that we do.  I pray that we learn to daily walk by faith as God calls us to trust Him.

After I finished up work I took advantage of the lengthening days to head down to Potato Creek State Park for a winter hike through the snow.  It was a beautiful day to be out with a perfect mix of clouds and sun for taking some scenic photos.  As I walked by an outdoor bulletin board, the sun caught my eye and the picture below came into my mind.  I didn’t know at the time that today’s page would focus on information, but God knew. 🙂


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