2016: Page 40

Earthdate: 20160209 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

The snow finally began falling overnight so that meant my day started extra early to make sure the sidewalks were cleared and the building cleaned and ready for the day as well.  The snow had started out very fine and wet so while there wasn’t a lot of it, what did remain was frozen to the concrete.  With a little scraping and some ice melt, the walks were in good shape for the day.  When I went to my office to change out of my outdoor gear to begin the inside cleaning, a parade of 10 deer walked by my office window in the pre-dawn darkness of the day.  While too dark for photos, I always enjoy seeing the deer as they casually stroll by on their way to the next destination for the day.  After I watched the deer for a moment, it was time to finish the inside cleaning and then play musical hats for the rest of the day.  

As I thought about my day, it seemed most of my tasks required some level of persistence to get them done well.  From the snow that was frozen to the sidewalks to the cleaning and disinfecting of the bathrooms and touch surfaces to the network administration and computer IT work, it all required some effort and attention that was focused specifically on the task at hand.  There were no shortcuts today.  No “good enough” would be good enough.  Each task needed done with a diligence in overcoming the obstacles that made accomplishing it more difficult that usual.  Our spiritual life is much like that.  There may be days where it seems we can breeze through life on auto-pilot because everything is going our way, but in my experience there are more days that require the persistence of overcoming the obstacles that try to trip me up in my walk with Christ.  It is nice when you can just “dust” the filth of the world off, but more often it clings to us like this morning’s frozen snow and we must make a deliberate effort to remove it from our life.  We want to avoid the “sickness” of sin but are we willing to constantly disinfect our life with the power of repentance and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus?  We like our “systems” to run efficiently and with no problems but do we operate them within the parameters of God’s Word and the instruction of His Spirit that He has put within us?

I pray that you and I have counted the cost of being a disciple of Jesus, have surrendered fully to His lordship, and are living in a way that we will be found faithful when He returns.

While it was too dark to get any photos this morning, this is one of my deer friends in the snow a year ago. 🙂


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