2016: Page 26

The day started out very overcast but as the sun began to crawl over the mountains, a break in the clouds appeared as the sunrise cut through them.  It was a beautiful start to the day as I spent time with God preparing for the ministry of the day He would call me to.  Much of the day was spent talking to people about the prayer ministry and sharing with them the resources God has allowed me to write.  My display was at the end of a hall near some glass entry doors overlooking what they describe as a “garden view”.  As people would come and go through the doors there was a chill in the air that, combined with a persistent rain, made being inside more desirable today than being out hiking. 🙂

It was encouraging to me to have such a positive response from people to the resources I was able to make available.  Being able to participate in the group worship gatherings was also a joy.  While camp ministry didn’t turn out well for me for a variety of reasons, both known and unknown, it was good to be in this environment with the opportunity to encourage those working in Christian camp ministry.  As I posted a few days ago, sometimes it is easy for me to become my own worst enemy.  The speaker in this morning’s worship gathering reminded us that failure is an event, not a person.  You may experience failure for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t in any way mean you are a failure.  In fact, if you were to go down through the list in Hebrews of what is often called the “hall of faith” you would be hard pressed to find anyone listed that didn’t experience some type of failure in their life that has been recorded for us in scripture.  Yet they were all commended for their faith, not condemned for their failure.  Today was a reminder that I’m doing what God has called and equipped me to do.  Just like these mountain roads, the route here has had its ups and downs, twists and turns, and unexpected obstacles but the destination is worth the journey.

I came back to my room for a short break before dinner and saw that the rain had ended and the Smoky Mountains were trying to live up to their name.  The clouds, or “smoke”, rising from the mountains reminded me of the morning view and the fact that the behind every cloud the sun still shines.


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