2016: Page 2

Page two in my page-a-day book of 2016 began by covering 5 of the last 6 hours of the 30 Hours of Prayer I led for my church.  From midnight until 5 AM I prayed, listened for God’s direction and insight, and even napped a bit.  As I walked the path through the prayer rooms, I took the time to read what others had written during the previous 24 hours.  I joined in praising God with them and praying for their concerns.  My anger and discouragement from having such a long time period with no participants began to melt away to be replaced by a satisfaction that my work was making a difference in the lives of some.  How many times has God created the perfect atmosphere and called me to spend time with Him only to see me choose other things?  I was reminded of Samuel’s discouragement and feelings of rejection when the people of Israel wanted a king.  God’s response to Samuel was that he was not the primary one being rejected rather the people were rejecting God as their king.  I don’t know if the failure of people to show up and pray was a rejection of God by them or not, but God did remind me that it wasn’t a rejection of me.

The 30 Hours of Prayer ran overtime a bit as the person in the last time slot spent more than their hour with God.  Their appreciation for the work that went in to putting the prayer focus together and the helpfulness that it was to them was a reminder that I had indeed done what I was supposed to do and that the empty slots in the schedule were not my problem.  This encouragement filled me as I spent several hours putting things away and returning the building and rooms to their normal setup so everything was ready for the weekend and the return of the schools from break.  The rest of the day’s “page” was a mix of napping and relaxing with a trip to Sam’s Club thrown in so I could be ready for the potential of coming snow by replacing the snow blower that had been stolen from the church.

All in all, I would say page two was a reminder of the confidence I should have in Christ.  I have so many examples of my not being enough or good enough for people that I sometimes begin to believe them.  Page two says that my value and acceptance come from Christ and are not based on how pleasing I am to others.

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