As we celebrate
     the Fourth of July.
How many people
     will ask themselves, “Why”?
The time off of work
     and cookouts are great.
But what is the reason
     that you celebrate?

The “land of the brave”
     and “home of the free”.
Do we live like that?
     Is that what you see?
We lock all our doors,
     we’re afraid to go out.
And sharing the truth
     causes people to shout.

Somehow we think,
     if I’m louder than they.
Then all of the people
     must do things my way.
The laws pile up,
     the rules list grows long.
And all it creates
     is more chance to do wrong.

We all want our freedom
     to do what we like.
From the old and the gray,
     to the littlest tike.
You can’t tell me different,
     I’ll do it my way.
“I have my rights”
     is what we all say.

And so it is strange
     when we go to The Word.
And see freedom defined
     like we’ve never heard.
You must surrender
     to truly be free.
And live to serve others
     so that Jesus they see.

There is no “freedom”
     that is worth the cost.
If I do what I want
     and still remain lost.
So I set my mind firmly
     to live like I should.
Trusting God’s Son has freed me
     as only He could.

God’s given His Spirit
     so that I can live free.
The fruit it produces
     ought to be seen in me.
Love, joy, peace, and patience;
     kindness and goodness too.
Being faithful and gentle
     with self-control as my view.

God says this is freedom;
     against such things there’s no law.
We’re set free by the Son
     from sin’s cold, deadly claw.
So, please remember
     if it’s freedom you need.
“If the Son sets you free,
     you will be free indeed!”

© 2015 by Tom Lemler

As I was spending time this morning reflecting on a sermon I’ll share tomorrow and thinking about our nation’s worship of freedom, this poem filled my mind. It appears that somewhere along the line we have forgotten that freedom always comes at a cost. As Americans we demand our freedoms thinking that somehow they are our right and that freedom means “free”. Unfortunately, that same mindset is often found in Christians regarding the freedom we do have in Christ. I pray that you and I would consider fully the cost of the freedoms we enjoy — both as Americans and, more importantly, as citizens of God’s kingdom — then truly live as ones who have been set free by the Son.

In prayer,

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