The Invisible Man

It was a day
     like so many other.
He opened his mouth
     then wondered, “Why bother?”
No one would listen
     to what he did say.
They just looked right through him
     and went their own way.

He’s always alone
     even in a large crowd.
It doesn’t matter
     if silent or loud.
No one does notice
     if he comes or he goes.
He blends into the wall,
     alone with his woes.

He always is certain
     his ideas aren’t that bad.
Some of them better
     than anyone had.
But what good will they be
     if no one will hear.
The ideas will be lost
     is what he does fear.

You probably know one,
     an invisible man.
Describe him in detail,
     I doubt that you can.
He’s always around,
     but never really seen.
Were his eyes brown or blue?
     Or perhaps they were green.

We all are surrounded
     each day that we live.
By invisible people
     with so much to give.
Some are still trying
     so hard to be heard.
While some have just quit
     and they won’t say a word.

When we fail to listen
     to those we won’t hear.
It is a great loss,
     but there’s a greater, I fear.
For living within us
     is the invisible One.
Given for our own good
     by God’s only Son.

His Spirit within us
     has much He would say.
But so very often,
     we just go our own way.
His ways are much higher
     and better than man’s.
But we tend to ignore it
     and stick with our plans.

We get into trouble
     when we go our own way.
Then wish God was clearer
     in what He had to say.
A lesson I’ve learned,
     is a good life-long plan.
Pay attention and learn from
     the invisible man.
© 2015 by Tom Lemler

I know that I’m not known for talking a lot, but most of the time when I do it seems like I am the only person that can hear what I’m saying. As I was mowing this afternoon, I found myself thinking about my own experiences of presenting ideas and plans to various groups and people during my lifetime. A vast majority of them appeared to not even get a legitimate hearing because there was always someone with the right “sales” personality that would talk a group into a different idea — many which have proven over time to be doomed from the start. As I continued to think about these times, this poem showed up in my mind and God had me examining how often I treat Him and His Spirit in the same way as what I was feeling. I pray that this poem accomplishes His purposes and is an encouragement to you.

In prayer,

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