A Still Small Voice

I am often alone
     in the midst of a crowd.
My voice isn’t heard,
     for the noise is too loud.
The things that I say
     just bounce off the wall.
So the people I speak to,
     do stumble and fall.

I have much to offer
     if anyone cares.
But most are too busy
     living life they think theirs.
“I know what I’m doing,
     I don’t need help now.”
Is an often heard phrase
     just before things go “Pow!”.

“This is a no-brainer,
     it makes the most sense.”
“This is almost as easy
     as falling off a fence.”
“I’ll save up my questions
     for more important things.”
“I’m sure I’ll be happy
     with what my way brings.”

“And yes, I do listen
     to what others say.”
“As long as they tell me
     that they like my way.”
“So, God I am sorry
     that you feel you’re not heard.”
“I’m too busy right now
     to spend time in your Word.”

So, what will I do
     with the voice in the crowd?
The one I don’t hear,
     for the world is too loud.
Will I draw away,
     to a quiet place.
To spend time with God,
     and look on His face.

While the choice should be easy,
     I’m afraid it is not.
The world keeps on shouting,
     “Look at all I’ve got!”
So I must stay focused,
     on His still small voice.
So that hearing from Jesus
     is my plan of choice!

© 2015 by Tom Lemler

This has been a tough day/weekend for me as I reflect on past and present events and struggle to allow my spirit to be still enough to hear God’s wisdom as I ought. As I’ve been going through the sermon I’ll share later this evening, this poem showed up in my head and wouldn’t leave. While I thought the poem was starting out to describe how I often feel, God seemed to change the direction and focus of it as it appeared on my computer screen. I pray that God would never feel alone in a crowd because of my lack of listening but that not only would I listen, but I would also be an encouragement to others to listen. I pray that this poem accomplishes God’s purposes for it.

In prayer,

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