Christmas Purpose

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
     you’ve heard the rhyme.
But it will be different
     when you hear it this time.
No “All through the house”
     nor on the rooftop.
But in a long-ago time
     we’ll make our first stop.

Perhaps even further
     than what you might think.
When mankind did sin
     and God did not wink.
The result was not good,
     the outlook was grim.
For Adam and Eve,
     who disobeyed Him.

They tried to hide
     but it got much worse.
When sin brought to man
     a life-ending curse.
But God had a plan,
     so long ago.
To come down to earth,
     His love He would show.

The months went on by,
     the years flew right past.
Then centuries later
     it was the right time at last.
God sent us His Son
     to show us His love.
The King came to earth,
     leaving heaven above.

It’s so very easy
     to celebrate a birth.
To be filled with joy
     that God came to earth.
“Away in a Manger”
     and “Oh Holy Night.”
We sing for a season,
     then they’re out of sight.

The week after Christmas,
     our mind shifts a gear.
Then this talk about Jesus,
     no longer we hear.
Our life gets so busy
     and soon we forget.
That a Savior was born
     in this baby we met.

So, the eve before Christmas
     we gather to sing.
Songs filled with worship
     for the One who is King.
But it’s not just tonight
     that we sing Him this song.
We should give Him our worship
     all the year long!

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

I’m not sure if this poem is finished, but it is all God has given me so far. I pray that Christmas has purpose in your life all year as you remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus who came to earth as an expression of God’s love.In prayer,