The Storm

A storm is a brewing,
     the sky colors turn.
The temperature falls,
     the clouds start to churn.
Darkness descends,
     in the midst of the day.
It creeps across everything,
     that is in its way.
The sun disappears,
     it’s gone from my sight.
It looks and it feels,
     like the middle of night.

Could this be a sign,
     of what soon will be here?
The darkness is heavy,
     it’s creating great fear.
Out of the darkness,
     the lightning does flash.
The thunder resounds,
     with an echoing crash!
The wind starts to howl,
     with a horrible sound.
Out of the heavens,
     the rain strikes the ground.

In the midst of the storm,
     hope oft disappears.
The darkness is too dark,
     too great are the fears.
No end can be seen,
     chaos is in charge.
Destruction is great,
     the damage quite large.
Will we make it through,
     will there ever be light?
Am I stuck in this storm,
     will it always seem night?

We know the answer,
     we’ve been here before.
The darkness is great;
     the sun, so much more.
The storm may seem long,
     as we wait for its end.
But the rays of the sun,
     the darkness will rend.
When light overpowers,
     the darkness so great.
We rejoice that it’s over,
     it was well worth the wait.

More often than not,
    the storm is inside.
The darkness descends,
     you have nowhere to hide.
In your darkest hours,
     in the midst of despair.
Remember the One,
     who will always be there.
The storm may rage now,
     but someday it will end.
“My peace I leave with you”,
     when you are My friend!
© 2014 by Tom Lemler

An afternoon storm came up quickly today and I began thinking about the confidence I had that it would eventually pass. As I was spending time in prayer this evening, this thought was still on my mind as I considered the times of darkness that I experience in life. Even though I’ve seen God pierce through them many times, in the midst of the storm I often begin to believe that the darkness will never end. It was through these reminders that God put this poem in my mind. I pray that it honors Him and brings glory to His name as it accomplishes His purposes for it.

In prayer,

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