It was time for vacation
     so we got on a plane.
And prayed like Elijah,
     that it would not rain!
A week on the beach
     can get really old.
If it rains every day
     and the weather gets cold. 

God gave us a great place
     to spend all together.
So we prayed that He also
     would give us great weather!
It started quite rocky
     with a storm in the night.
That delayed for an hour
     our rescheduled flight. 

We made it to Florida
     where we got a car.
And were very thankful,
     our lodging was not far.
We finally arrived
     and we got our key.
That morning we settled
     somewhere around three! 

We slept in a little,
     but not for too long.
We went for a walk
     but something went wrong.
A mile away
    from the place we did start.
The wheels on the wheelchair
     simply fell all apart. 

We headed to town,
     hoping for a repair.
Instead, we replaced it
     at a price that was fair.
We stocked up on groceries
     and food for the grill.
So the rest of the week,
     we would all eat our fill. 

Each day called for rain,
     and a chance of a storm.
But at our location,
     it was sunny and warm!
The clouds built up nearby,
     the rain fell in town.
But where we were at,
     it did not come down.

We went to the beach,
    we walked all around.
No better weather,
     anywhere could be found.
A trip to the zoo
     and a walk through a park.
Each day was quite sunny,
     until it got dark. 

The pool was quite warm,
     the gulf warmer yet.
We walked and we swam,
     with no reason to fret.
Vacation’s been great,
     but soon it must end.
But I am so thankful,
     God calls me His friend! 

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

As another day comes to a close with rain and thunder all around, and clear skies where we are at, I’m reminded yet again of the incredible blessing God is giving my family during this vacation.  I pray that my praise of God is just as forthcoming during times of rain and darkness as it is during days of sunshine and warmth.

In prayer,

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