2 Kings: Lesson 15 — Reaping What You Sow

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 2 Kings.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

The Unraveling of a Nation

A Study of the Book of 2 Kings

Lesson 15 (Reaping What You Sow)
 2 Kings 15
April 16, 2014

The Text:

  1. Who followed Amaziah as king of Judah? How old was he and how long did he reign? How was his life viewed from the eyes of the Lord? Where did he reign from? Why? Who had charge of the palace and the “governing” responsibilities? When that person comes to reign at the end of this chapter, what do we learn about this current king?
  2. For another view, check out 2 Chronicles 26. What does that tell you about the reason for this king’s condition? Was the condition preventable? What other significant event happened at the end of this king’s life?
  3. How did Zechariah live as king of Israel? How long was he king? How did his reign end? Who followed him? What ended with the end of Zechariah’s reign? Why?  
  4. How long did Shallum reign as king of Israel? How did the end of his reign compare to the beginning of it? Who followed him as king? What enemy came against him? How did he deal with it? What was the outcome?
  5. How did Pekahiah become king? How did he live according to God’s view? What relationship did Pekah have to the king? What did Pekah do? What happened during Pekah’s reign? How did his reign end? 

The Application:

  1. Is it easy or hard to change your actions from what you grew up with? Why? Who would you want to be your “stand-in” if you weren’t able to be in public? Why? Are you known differently by different groups of people? Why?
  2. Why does pride seem to be such a hard sin to avoid? What are some consequences of pride? Can we avoid them? How? What are some advantages to longevity in a role?
  3. When you look at the way people live, do you think they believe sin has consequences? How about if you look at the way you live? Does God’s promises to you give you hope for future generations?        
  4. Do you believe that people today tend to reap what they sow? Are there times that you try to bribe the enemy rather than face it? Are there times you should?  
  5. How well do you know the people you trust? What makes them trustworthy? What compromises are you willing to make in an attempt to live in peace? Are they worth it? 

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    2 Kings 16