I have a foe
      that lives close to me.
So very close,
      sometimes I don’t see.
If I would just look,
      it’s not hard to find.
 For this kind of foe
      does live in my mind.
It hides in the corners
      and lurks in the dark.
If I don’t pay attention,
      it sure leaves its mark.

Some of the enemies
      I make on my own.
Others arrive from
      some seeds that were sown.
My mind holds to memories,
      both good and the bad.
And some that do linger,
      will still make me sad.
The good’s often hidden,
      and kept out of sight.
The bad steps right up
      and takes a big bite.

I see people talking
      and think of the past.
My mind starts to wonder,
      can these good times last?
I think there are people
      who, much like me.
They have a hard time
      living as free.
They’ve not felt much value,
      they may be cast out.
They look o’er their shoulder,
      and live with much doubt.

I know, for I’ve been there;
      and still do reside.
With a mind that remembers
      and keeps things inside.
God gives me these poems,
      and He helps me to see.
That the things of the past,
      today may not be.
The way people see me,
      is not my concern.
My faith has more value
      than what I do earn.

In times that are hard,
      and jobs that did end.
I’ve always had present,
      an eternal friend.
This friend that is with me,
      is greater indeed.
Than all of my struggles,
      and all of my need.
He’s so much greater,
      than I’ll ever know.
He is the true One,
     that has defeated my foe.
So when I have doubt
      and fear moves on in.
I trust in my Savior,
      for I know He will win.

The power within in me
      is really my choice.
Do I listen to truth,
      or the enemy’s voice?
I have a promise,
      that God Himself made.
Because He is with me,
      I need not be afraid.
For His presence in me,
      leaves no room for doubt.
He fills up my being,
      so the foe must move out.

God has blessed me greatly and He continues to help my faith to grow through reminders of some of what He has carried me through.  I was thinking this morning about how far God has brought me and some of the struggles I still have and in the midst of this time with God, He gave me this poem.  I pray that it encourages you to seek God when the foe in your mind wants to take charge.

In prayer,

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