Like it or not
      we need to find.
Inside of our head,
      somewhere in our mind.
Something that’s missing,
      something that’s rare.
To open our ears
     and show that we care.
Everyone seems to
      have something to say.
No one is listening,
      we just go our own way.

Lazy or careless,
      either could be.
I can’t seem to help it
      if no one hears me.
So many people
      trying to be heard.
Today there’s no chance
      to get in a word.
Even more sad
      is this little news.
No one hears God
      when they do what they choose.

Listen intently
      to this little poem.
In hope you’ll be ready
      when it’s time to go home.
Search deep within you
      for what you must do.
To listen to Jesus
      when He calls for you.
Eagerly seek Him
      with all that you are.
Notice He’s waiting,
      He’s close and not far.

Here’s another poem for what it is worth.  Once the idea of it sparks in my mind, the poem falls out of my head so quickly that it is often hard to keep up.

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