1 Kings: Lesson 1 — Who’s In Charge?

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 1 Kings.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

Starting Strong Isn’t The Same As Finishing Strong

A Study of the Book of 1 Kings

Lesson 1 (Who’s In Charge?)
1 Kings 1
March 20, 2013

The Text:

  1. Who was Abishag?  What task was she given?  Who was Adonijah?  What did he decide to do?  Who did he get to support his effort?  Who were specifically excluded from his plan?  How did Adonijah kick off his plan and who was invited to be part of it?
  2. What question does Nathan ask of Bathsheba?  What advice does Nathan give her?  What does she do?  What report does Nathan bring David?  How does David respond to Nathan and Bathsheba?
  3. Who does David call to carry out his plan?  What instructions are given to them?  How do they respond?  What do they do?
  4. What is the first indication to Adonijah that something is up?  What is his reaction when the son of the priest arrives?  Was he right?  What message was given to him instead?
  5. What effect did the news delivered by Jonathan have on Adonijah’s guests?  What did Adonijah do?  What request does he have of Solomon?  How does Solomon respond?



The Application:

  1. Do you ever feel you are over qualified for a task God gives you?  How do you respond?  Do you ever feel you are qualified for a task God doesn’t give you?  How do you respond?  When you make plans, what does who you include, or exclude, in those plans say about your intent?
  2. How likely are you to get involved when the actions of others put someone else in danger?  What does it take for you to follow the instructions that someone gives you?  How intent are you in carrying out God’s directives when it seems like nearly everyone has other plans?
  3. Who would you call if it seemed like everyone was against you?  How likely are you to follow the instructions of someone when you know they are right but also know the crowd seems against it?  What is the problem with basing decisions and actions on things like “everyone thinks” or “everyone says”?
  4. Are there people in your life that you automatically expect are bearers of good news when they show up?  Why?  How hard is it to deliver truth when something else is expected?
  5. How do you feel when you realize you have chosen the “wrong side”?  How afraid are you of the judgment you deserve?  What of Solomon’s response to  Adonijah reminds you of God’s response to us?



Next Week: Settling Accounts
1 Kings 2

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