L.O.S.T. – Part 1: Listen

I found a Facebook flair button some time back that I really enjoy.  It simply says, “Not all who wander are lost!”  I, like many people, have great difficulty in admitting that I would ever be lost.  “It’s a scenic route,” I might say.  “I’m just exploring,” is another phrase that often comes in handy when I have no idea where I am at.

As one who does tend to wander, take the scenic routes, and simply explore, I’ve learned some helpful tips for those times when I am lost.  It doesn’t matter if we are lost physically or spiritually — if we’ve wandered away from home or from God, these same tips can be of great help to us.

The first lesson of L.O.S.T. is to Listen!  Many times when I am in an unfamiliar place where someone else may say I am lost, my first action is to simply be still and listen.  A period of time focused on listening can tell us many things about where we are at.  Listening can alert a person to potential danger in a certain direction.  It can also help us identify a path, or course of action, that ought to be considered or pursued.  Listening can let us know if anyone is even looking for us and it gives us an idea of where they are.

In John 10, Jesus states that His sheep, those that follow Him, know His voice and listen to Him.  Jesus describes the safety that can be found when we acknowledge Him as the true gatekeeper in our life.  He not only seeks us out when we wander, He guards and protects us as part of His flock.  It is His voice that calls us to safety and the familiar confines of the fold.  We get there and we stay there by listening

We must become familiar with the voice of Jesus and live in obedience to it.  Listening is so much more than simply hearing.  As James puts it, we must hear the Word of God and put it into action.  That is true listening — it is responding appropriately to what is being heard.  Jesus lets us know that there will be “strangers” who call us to follow them.  Satan himself calls to us with the purpose to “steal, kill, and destroy”. 

Feeling lost?  Why not take the time to seriously listen?  Listen intently for God to speak through His Word and through His Spirit and then respond appropriately to Him. 

I pray that you and I would be better listeners — not simply hearers of the Word, but doers of it!

2 thoughts on “L.O.S.T. – Part 1: Listen

  1. It’s great to have you posting your insights again, Tom. I missed them!

    I heard it said before that the reason God gave us two ears and one mouth was because we needed to listen twice as much as we spoke!

    And to be doers and not hearers only….don’t we always need that reminder?


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