Preaching/Teaching Trip

Meramec Springs Cross

The above picture was taken from a scenic overlook at the Meramec Springs Park near St. James, Missouri.  I was able to spend a few days in Missouri with my family this past weekend as I was the mission speaker at the Waynesville First Christian Church in Waynesville, MO.  On Sunday morning, I was able to introduce the mission of Impact Prayer Ministry to the congregation and answer a few questions they had.  I also taught during their Sunday School hour on “A Foundation For Life” and preached a message, “Active Faith”, during the worship service.  They are a gracious congregation seeking to make Christ known in their area and around the world.

As I mentioned, my family was able to join me on this trip so we took a couple of days to enjoy some of the scenery of the Ozark mountains.  On Saturday, we visited Ha Ha Tonka State Park.  The name itself made me want to go check it out and when I read the description of the park, I knew it was a “must see”.  The park contains the shell of a “castle” built on an incredible bluff overlooking the rolling hills of the area.  While that was impressive, the real beauty was the natural features found in the trails and roads through the park.

On Sunday evening, after I had rested from the morning’s work, we went to Meramec Springs Park in nearby St. James.  We were able to enjoy a beautiful evening walk along the waterway flowing from the spring to the river.  A waterway filled with trout and trout fishermen.  There was also an interesting “historic drive” that took us to an incredible overlook of the park and surrounding area.  This park is owned and operated by a private foundation and was a great find.

On the way home, we stopped at the St. Louis Zoo.  Not only was this zoo impressive with its layout and variety of animals, it is free!  We had our membership pass from the Potawatomi Zoo and anticipated a reciprocal agreement that would get us in with the pass, but found out that wasn’t even necessary — it is free admission to everyone.  The main parking lot does cost $10, but there is some limited on street parking that is free if you don’t mind parking a little ways away.

All in all, it was a great trip.  I thoroughly enjoyed our family time together and the walks, hikes, and drives we were able to take.  I loved being able to teach, preach, and meet some of the folks from the Waynesville church.  I pray that my time with them was an encouragement and help to them as it was to me.

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