In The Beginning God . . .

In the beginning God . . .. 

Four words that in a lot of ways, form the very foundation of the Christian’s belief.  The Bible begins with a very simply stated and straightforward verse, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” 

While much focus is put on the second half of that verse, and the debate rages over the origin of what exists, the larger question centers on what we believe about the first half of the verse.  Nearly every origin of life theory requires a belief, or faith, in something existing prior to life as we know it.  There is an unproven foundational element that everything else is built on.  From the various evolution, big bang, and creation theories come a variety of foundational assumptions of what existed “in the beginning” to cause our current life and world to come into existence.  For most of these, there is always some form of matter . . . some combination of basic elements that were present to begin the process of the heavens and the earth, and everything in and on them, coming into existence. 

For Christians, that foundational assumption is a faith and belief not in some original presence of matter, but in the presence of an eternal being — God!  It is a belief that God has no birthdate.  A belief in a God who always was and always will be.  A belief in a God who created everything just as He said.  While the early chapters of Genesis gives an overall picture of God creating the heavens and the earth, there is really very little detail given.  We have a timeline. . . . We have God speaking things into existence. . . . We have God taking the dust of the earth and forming man. . . .  We have God taking the rib of man and forming woman. . . . We have God breathing His breath into mankind.  So, exactly how did all of that happen?  In reality, only God knows but if we believe the Bible to be the written Word of God, we know that it was done entirely by His power and ability at His desire.

Many might ask, “What difference does it make?”  Personally, I don’t think the details make a whole lot of difference or we would have more of them.  I do believe that the acceptance by faith that God existed prior to everything else, and therefore is the creator of everything, is that foundational block to understanding His eternal nature.  It is that quality of always being that enables a trust that He always will be

In the beginning God!  God was in the beginning.  God was before the beginning.  God is, God will always be.  Grasping the eternal nature of God as we stuggle to comprehend the incomprehensible will give us confidence in God’s ability to draw us to  himself in eternal life because we can trust He always will be.

May you and I have that confidence of believing in an eternal God who always was and always will be.

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