It’s Not My Fault!

Who’s to blame?  When something goes wrong, we are often quick to try to avoid any responsibility.  I remember my grade school years.  I was not very coordinated and often paid little attention to what was going on around me.  Therefore, I was constantly splitting my head open or injuring myself in some way.  Yet I also remember not wanting to admit these injuries were my fault, so I blamed other kids for my mishaps.  Fortunately, my parents would get to the facts of the situation and hold me accountable for my own actions.

This avoiding responsibility was not a new problem begun by me.  From the beginning of time, mankind has been saying, “It’s not my fault!”  God came to Adam, and Adam said, “It’s not my fault.  It’s the woman that you gave me.”  Eve says, “It’s not my fault.  It’s the serpent that you created.”  From that point on, our sinful desires have been screaming out, “It’s not my fault!”

Typically parents have shouldered a great amount of the task of teaching children to take responsibility for their actions.  I grew up under the two for one plan.  If I got in trouble once at school, I received a bonus and was in trouble a second time when I got home.  This philosophy changed greatly during my generation.  Now we often see a child in trouble at school for something they have done, yet when they get home the story is different.  The child is not in further trouble, the teacher is in trouble for trying to correct the student.

This reminds me so much of the verse at the end of the book of Judges that states, “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”  What ever happened to the cry, “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner!”  “I was wrong.”  “I have sinned.”  Our society shows us a very vivid picture of the trouble that erupts when individuals cry out, “It’s not my fault!”

As Christians, as a body of believers, as individuals, may we take responsibility for our actions and repent when we do wrong.

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