A Real Champions’ Breakfast!

We have probably all heard of numerous reports and studies designed to prove that a good breakfast is critical to the well-being of people, particularly students.  A well known cereal purports itself to be “the breakfast of champions”.  Their idea is that if you want to be a champion, this is what you will eat.  I don’t exactly agree with them, so I’ve found my own championship breakfast.  Those who have spent much time around me know that I always refer to my Dr. Pepper as the breakfast of champions.  I’ve often had fun with this, even while pointing out the obvious – that soft drinks of any kind do not make a good breakfast.

I do believe, however, that I have identified the true “champions’ breakfast”.  It cannot be found with a simple one course meal.  It requires a balanced diet, therefore several courses are necessary.  I believe that by beginning each day with a three course meal of prayer, God’s Word, and worship, we begin to prepare ourselves to be true champions.

As we study the lives of “champions” in the Bible, we find that these three elements are consistently present.  Bible characters became champions by staying connected to God.  They did this with regular time spent in prayer.  They knew the scriptures.  They would meditate on it day and night.  They worshipped God with their lives.  I’ve read a quote from someone that says, “If you’re too busy to pray, you’re too busy!”  This would be true of this entire “champions’ breakfast”.

When we begin each day with time spent in prayer, it helps put our entire day into perspective.  When we start the day with Bible reading, it helps us to meditate on God’s Word throughout the day so that we would choose to do right.  When we greet the day in worship of God, it shapes our attitude and responses as we interact with others.

As we feast on this “champions’ breakfast”, may God change our lives so that we are true champions in His kingdom.

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