2018: Page 68

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • My morning wake-up today was courtesy of the sounds of a seizure rather than the sound of my alarm clock.  My alarm would have gone off eventually, so while I was up I got dressed and headed to work.
  • As I went outside, I noticed the moon dancing among the clouds with such beauty that I attempted a few photos.  None of them turned out in they way I had hoped as the lighting and appearance of the moon was constantly changing, but it was fun to watch and attempt the shots.
  • Some days I think I can picture clearly in my mind how God would want me to live that day.  While the complexities of life generally keep it from happening quite as pictured in my mind, I still seek His help in making the day as close to what He wants it to be as possible.
  • My morning tasks didn’t have much music in my mind but they were accompanied by much prayer for my daughter, that she would rest well following the seizure and would have a good day.
  • With a funeral dinner scheduled to take place at the building later in the day, I turned my attention to getting that area cleaned and set up once my regular morning tasks were done.
  • With the building as ready as possible for the day, it was time to add the contacts from Tuesday’s camp conference to my mailing list so the new prayer guide would go out to them Sunday morning.
  • As the sun came and went among the scattered cloud cover, the birds seemed to be quite joyful as they feasted among the sumac heads outside my office window.
  • I had to cut a lock off of a locker today as the key managed to get locked inside.  It made me think of all the things we try to protect, and that sometimes in doing so we lose the benefit we could have had from them.
  • It also made me think of junior high, where it seemed like every Monday my first stop in school was at the office to have them look up my locker combination — I couldn’t seem to remember it over the weekend for anything. 🙂
  • In between tasks that needed done, I finished printing and putting together material for the prayer breakfast I will teach at tomorrow morning.  
  • With activity in the building throughout the afternoon and again this evening, my Friday cleaning and building prep for Sunday will have to wait until either Saturday night or early Sunday morning so by mid-afternoon I called it a day and stopped for a late lunch on my way home.
  • Today’s photo is of one of the Eastern Bluebirds that stopped by to sing for me this morning. 🙂


One thought on “2018: Page 68

  1. This brought back some long ago memories – I was only late to class once and it was the first day back after Christmas break. I had to stand in a very long line with other students retrieving their combinations. I’m pretty sure the school secretary was fed up with the situation!!!

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