2018: Page 65

Page 65 was such a good day that it lasted all of the way until bedtime, so I’m writing the day’s page the next morning.  Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • It was beautiful outside as I began my day.  A fresh coating of snow had fallen overnight and the moon was shining brightly in the night sky as I left the house and headed to work.
  • It had been warm enough prior to the snow that the sidewalks were mostly clear and just needed a little touch-up in a few areas.
  • It made me think about how the warmth of God’s presence living within us can keep much of that which falls all around us, and on us, from sticking to us.
  • Once the outside was ready for the day, I began my morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep routine.  My internal soundtrack was from a hymn I haven’t heard for quite some time as I found myself singing the words, “Make me a blessing, make me a blessing!  Out of my life, may Jesus shine.  Make me a blessing, O Savior, I pray.  Make me a blessing to someone today!”
  • I suspect that life would be different for me, and for each of us, if we were to pray those words each day . . . and then look for the opportunities that God will give to bless someone.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I loaded up books and display material then hit the road for a 2+ hour drive to set up the prayer ministry display for a camp conference.
  • I made a couple stops along the way to take a few photos and pick up “convention bait” (chocolate) for the display.
  • Once at the conference location, I set up my display and then had lunch with one of the vendors I had met last week.
  • The afternoon was filled with great conversations and many prayer-based devotional books were put into the hands of camp staff.
  • It always does my spirit good to hear the positive feedback from individuals who had picked up some of the resources last year.  Perhaps one of the greatest encouragements to me was the number of people who brought others by the display and highly recommended the resources to their friends.
  • Hearing that the resources were being used made me realize I need to remain diligent in the work on the current writing projects I have in process.
  • After a very good afternoon, it was time to pack up the display and begin my journey home.
  • As I would be driving near it, my plan was to stop by Lake Michigan to take some photos on my way home.  I was beginning to think that wasn’t such a good idea as the first hour of my drive included a mix of snow, rain, and slush falling from the sky.
  • As I approached the highway exit that would take me to the lake, there was still some form of precipitation falling but it looked like there was some clearing to the west so I took the exit.
  • Sometimes it is easy to think our current situation is permanent, or all there is.  While our current situation my be very real and we need to pay attention to what is going on in it, God also wants us to look to the horizon ahead and realize a better day is coming.
  • When I arrived at the beach, the clouds had lifted from over the lake and the sun was shining brightly upon the water.  Even as I photographed the surrounding scenes, ducks, and lighthouse, the clouds began to build again on the western horizon.
  • The scenes were beautiful and the approaching clouds made for an incredible sunset view . . . about an hour or so ahead of the official “sunset time”.
  • After leaving the lake, I drove through the area where we have seen a snowy owl a few times.  She wasn’t in any of the areas where I have seen her before, but as I drove around the country block I saw on on top of a pole watching the setting sun.
  • I stopped along the road and took a number of photos of the owl before heading for home.  It was dark by now, but a few miles down the road I saw another snowy owl sitting on another pole along the road as I went past.  I turned around and took a few photos in the darkness and was surprised that some of them turned out okay even with the lack of light.
  • Once home, it was time to get something to eat and relax as I reflected on the day.  My remembrances of the morning thoughts and the afternoon conversations caused me to believe that God had indeed made me a blessing to someone today.
  • It was late enough after looking at the photos I had taken that I decided to call it a day and write the page the next morning.
  • Today’s photo is actually a few photos from the day.  One from a quick stop on my way to the conference, one of a group of ducks that were enjoying the evening sun, and one of the sun setting over the lake.

Morning view of St Joseph lighthouses


Happy Ducks


Evening view of lighthouses.

2 thoughts on “2018: Page 65

    • Thanks! Doubt and second guessing are killers of many dreams, so it is always good to get the occasional encouragement to keep pressing on. 🙂

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