2018: Page 63

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflection from the day:

  • I think winter is catching up with me before it gives way to spring . . . I slept through several rounds of the snooze button this morning, which is a very unusual thing for me.
  • Once I woke up, I went through my notes and spent time with God allowing Him to refine the sermon I would share.
  • As I finished preparations, I received word that the church I would be preaching at was dealing with a variety of issues with both the building and the people.
  • On my drive to church, I prayed that God would prepare me to share just what the congregation would need this morning and would keep me from saying things that would not be helpful.
  • The sermon I shared this morning was based around a passage from 2 Timothy where we are told to purify ourselves from ignoble purposes so that we would become instruments for noble purposes.
  • In a sermon titled “A NOBLE Calling”, here are the main points I shared this morning:
    • A New Calling:  To live the noble calling that we are called to requires that we accept a calling to be made new.  It is far too easy to claim “that’s just the way we are” to excuse thoughts, actions, and/or habits that are not fitting for a child of God.  God says we have been called out of darkness and into the light.  We are not simply to become a new creation, in Christ we are a new creation.
    • An Obedient Calling:  This noble calling is also a calling to obedience.  Many times people look at the Christian life as being all about not doing certain things that make up the list of “thou shalt not’s”.  While that is a part of the obedience we are called to, God calls us to a greater obedience — one that knows the good we ought to do, and does it.
    • A Blessed Calling:  Our life of obedient faith leads us to experience the blessings of our calling.  When Jesus spoke to the crowds He spoke with such love and authority that they were often quite amazed.  In fact, one time as Jesus taught, a woman was so amazed that she shouted out blessings on the woman who gave birth to Jesus and nursed Him.  I believe the response of Jesus wasn’t meant to diminish the blessing of Mary, but to proclaim an even greater blessing upon those who hear His words and obey them.
    • A Life Calling:  A noble calling is a calling for life.  Not only is it a calling that gives us life, it is a calling that must last for the extent of our life.  Throughout scripture we are called to a perseverance of faith that that both believes and acts upon that belief until the end.  James writes that the crown of life is given to those who persevere.  There are many things in life that are difficult, and Jesus made it clear in His teaching that following Him in this world would include times of persecution and trouble.  But He also said to take courage, He has overcome the world.  As we accept this noble calling, we follow this calling for life.
    • An Examined Calling:  While this noble calling relies on faith, it is not a blind faith rather it is a faith that holds up to an examination of both life and scripture.  When Paul and Silas visited the Bereans, they are described as being of more noble character because they not only received the message with gladness, but they examined scripture daily to see if the words being shared were accurate.  There are a lot of voices in our world calling each day for our attention.  Living according to a noble calling will lead us to examine what we hear each day and see how it fares according to the Word of God.
  • In Sunday School class we looked at the story of Abraham being called by God to sacrifice his son only to have God provide a substitute sacrifice in response to Abraham’s obedience.
  • Following God’s calling to live a more noble life will require that we trust His provision to do so.
  • By the time I made it home and relaxed for a while, I found a sense of weariness overtaking me so I took a nap before heading out for dinner with some friends.
  • Today’s photo is one from yesterday as I didn’t take any new ones.  It was a peaceful scene both in person and as a photo, and reminds me of the rest God calls each of us to.


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