2018: Page 60

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • There was a light rain falling as I headed into work early this morning.  While the outside temperature was cooler than it has been, it was still well above freezing.
  • While I enjoy the days which are warm and sunny, I realize that growth doesn’t happen without the rain.
  • As I went about my morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep routines I kept praying about faithfulness.
  • The song lyrics, “My house is full, but my fields are empty.  Who will go and work for me today?” kept running through my mind as I worked this morning.
  • My mind and body are usually tired of winter about a month before it ends.  So, I guess this is like the groundhog prediction . . . one more month before spring takes over from winter.  🙂
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I sat down to respond to an email that came from the “contact me” section of the prayer ministry website.  Sometimes the faithfulness of doing what I’m convicted of needing to do wears thin and the doubts creep in . . . then God sends reminders that He is using the work He has called me to do in ways that I will rarely see.  Today was one of those glimpses.
  • After writing out some ideas and suggestions for helping children grow in their practice of prayer, I sent it off with a prayer that it would be useful material in the hands that would receive it.
  • The morning was spent in a combination of some maintenance tasks, scheduling some service that needs done, and working on the sermon for Sunday.
  • The sermon is still at the point that I have two options I’m working on . . . though the title of each is similar.  The direction will depend on which word I end up using for the outline but the title will likely either be “A NOBLE Calling” or “A Noble CALL”.  Right now I’m leaning for the first, but for some reason God seems to have me working on both approaches.
  • My afternoon was filled with a variety of tasks and some time spent in a “guest services” role.
  • By late afternoon it was time to call it a day and head home for a quiet and restful evening.
  • Today’s photo is one I took as I worked today.  It is easy to miss this bird as it lacks the size and bright colors of many of the others which visit outside my office window.  Yet today its movement caught my eye and I was happy to photograph it in all of its amazing detail and beauty.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 60

  1. All God’s creatures are beautiful in their own way. This little bird is no different! As for working on two different approaches to the same message, could it be an exercise in flexibility?

    • Yes they are! While I enjoy photographing the bald eagles and other wildlife that tend to grab everyone’s attention, I also like to deliberately look for the often overlooked creatures that display God’s handiwork just as readily.

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