2018: Page 56

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The wind seemed to have been howling all night long, so I got up early to see if there was any snow or ice that needed taken care of before church . . . there wasn’t.
  • I think my mind and body are still trying to recover from the “all-nighter” spent babysitting the alarm system, so I was glad I didn’t have work that needed done before people began showing up for church.
  • Sometimes it is difficult not to worry about things that aren’t mine to worry about.
  • I suppose that is at least related to Jesus telling us not to worry about tomorrow, that each day has enough worry, or cares, of its own.  
  • During our worship time, David shared a sermon from the book of Acts about Paul’s testimony — particularly his testimony to King Agrippa, although it was really the same testimony he shared every opportunity he had.
  • During the sermon we were asked to consider two parts of Paul’s testimony that should be foundational in what we also share about our relationship with Jesus.
    • “I once was just like you.” — There are at least two dangers to this part of our testimony.  One, we leave it out because we would rather not bring up the common ground we have with those that are outside of a relationship with Jesus.  Or, two, we can get caught up in glorifying our past way of life so that it becomes a greater focus of our testimony than the change that Jesus has brought.  Paul made it clear that he could identify fully with the decisions and life choices of those who would listen to his testimony.  When we let people know that we were once fully on the same path they are on, and mean it, they should be able to see that there is hope for them that can be found in Jesus.
    • “But, then I met Jesus.”  — The other thing the first part of our testimony does, is that it provides a lead-in to how we met Jesus and how He has changed us.  If we’re not able to tell someone how we met Jesus and how He has changed our life, we might want to seriously examine the credibility of our relationship with Him.  This is where we add value to the “what we once were” part of our life story because we can proclaim what Jesus had done to transform us.  Granted, we each have a unique story with different beginnings and processes to get us where we are, but we each should recognize the change, whether gradual or abrupt, that Jesus has made in our life.
  • After the church service and lunch, I spent some time relaxing before heading out with my family in search of some snowy owls to photograph.  These beauties of creation are somewhat elusive but the reward of finding one keeps drawing us into the search.
  • After spending time in two locations where the snowy owls have been seen the last few days and finding none, we headed to the beach at New Buffalo, Michigan to photograph the sunset.
  • On our way home from the beach, I saw a snowy owl sitting on top of a telephone pole along the road.  I managed to stop the truck near the pole with the hope we could get a photo or two even in the low light conditions.  Unfortunately, by the time I got my camera out of the bag and started to roll down my window, he flew off.
  • While I enjoy photographing and being able to share the beauty of creation, there is still great wonder simply in being able to see it even if I end up with no photos to share.
  • Today’s photo seemed like a fitting one for “Sun”-day.  🙂  


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