2018: Page 33

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • After working both ends of the day, I’m writing this the next morning.  Sometimes it is easier to write while the day is fresh in my mind and other times it is more helpful to get some sleep first so my thoughts might be a little more coherent. 🙂
  • It has snowed overnight, so the first task on my agenda at work was to clear the walks.  It was a light snow so I used the leaf blower which tends to be quicker but also leaves me looking like a snowman.
  • While the coffee probably should have been my first task, it sure was good to make a fresh, hot mug of it when I came in from blowing snow.
  • Sometimes things in life take longer because we don’t want to get any residue of that part of life on us.
  • There are times we ought to be more careful about the things we do that leave their mark on us and there are times we should be more engaged in our efforts without worrying so much about what might get on us.  Seeking wisdom from God is often the only way to know which approach a particular situation needs.
  • Our involvement in the messiness of life also depends on our preparation for it.  I could clear the walks in the manner I did because I was dressed appropriately for doing so.
  • After warming up a bit with a mug of coffee, I turned my attention to the morning routine of prayer, cleaning, and building prep.
  • When I teach about developing a lifestyle of prayer, routine is one of the things we talk about — the necessity of developing a routine that makes prayer in all situations a natural thing without it becoming an empty routine.
  • The rest of my first shift was spent with writing and sermon prep.  If the desires of my heart are not changing as I grow in my relationship with God, something is wrong.
  • Eventually the Friday afternoon activity in the building made me decide I needed a break, so I bundled up in all my snow-blowing gear and headed to the beach to take photos. 🙂
  • I have seen photos throughout the week from the lakefront in St Joseph, Michigan of a snowy owl, so I went with hopes I could find it.
  • I haven’t made it through the photos yet, but I think I have some good photos of the lighthouses and lake but no snowy owl there.
  • After my fingers and nose were frozen, I gave up and headed home by way of an area where we have seen a snowy owl in the past.  No sightings in some of her usual areas but as I pulled up to the intersection to turn and leave the area, I looked up and she was sitting on the telephone pole directly in front of me!
  • When out photographing, I don’t always find what I’m looking for but I don’t think I’ve ever returned without finding something to take a picture of.  
  • After my snowy owl encounter, I headed back to work to begin the Friday evening cleaning and building prep for Sunday.
  • Having an empty building to myself after dark can be somewhat peaceful . . . at least it could be if the building didn’t make so many sounds at night.  🙂
  • I guess the random building noises keeps me focused on praying as I go about my tasks. 
  • Today’s photo is of the snowy owl I found on top of the telephone pole.  The sun was rather low in the sky and she was facing me in a way that the sun reflected off of one eye while the other was in the shadows.  It made me think of how our life ought to sparkle with the reflection of Jesus when we live life facing Him.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 33

    • As it turned out, the lakefront visit produced its own version of beauty even without the owl and I took some photos I really like. So when I did end up finding the snowy owl, it ended up being more of a bonus than the primary thing I had planned. 🙂

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