2018: Page 19

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • After a day and night with no new snow, I didn’t have any outside work that needed done to start my day.
  • It is better to be prepared for something that doesn’t need done than to not be prepared for something that does.
  • The sunshine yesterday melted a lot of the snow which is making the parking lot look better, but it also made it easier to track in so the morning cleaning continues to include extra attention to salt residue.
  • My morning included extra cleaning and setup in preparation for a dinner at the building.  Flexibility and a good group of people working together goes a long way toward accomplishing good things.
  • Even with the current warming trend, it is still cold outside and the heating system continued to need some attention.
  • As we spend time with God, we ought to find growth within our spiritual life but that doesn’t mean we can quit giving it the attention it needs.
  • As I prepare for a camp leaders conference, I spent part of the day working on prayer ministry flyers and boxing up the books I will be taking.  Having done inventory when I got back from the last conference helped make my preparation for this one easier.
  • Knowing what we have makes it easier to realize what we still need.
  • By late afternoon I finally found a stuck valve that I think was causing one area of the building to not warm up as it should have.
  • Sometimes when the answer we’re looking for isn’t readily available, all we can do is keep seeking until we find.
  • As I spent the evening cleaning the building to get it ready for Sunday, I prayed for those who would gather to study and worship God together.
  • Today’s photo is of a little bird who spent a good amount of time just standing in the snow looking around.  


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 19

  1. “Sometimes when the answer we’re looking for isn’t readily available, all we can do is keep seeking until we find.” Amen to that! There was a big snafu concerning a non-functioning piece of very expensive equipment ($100,000 to fix and $250,000 to replace). The service technician worked all day yesterday but couldn’t get it to function. Today after saying he thought we might have to “total it” and just buy a new one, he decided to replace a power cord on a whim. That was the solution!! It now works perfectly!!

    • It is amazing how a little part that would be least likely to cause problems can sometimes be the culprit that is easily overlooked while we look for a “bigger” cause.

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