2017: Page 325

Page 325 had an early start as I drove to work under a beautiful star-filled sky.  I had a couple minor projects I wanted to get done while the building was empty so an early start was my best option.  As one who has lived most of my life as a non-morning person, that last sentence sounded very strange.  Yet here I am.  I have reached the point where I would normally rather get up early to take care of a project rather than having to stay up late.  I suppose it was the night sky, but today’s soundtrack was courtesy of Rich Mullins as I found myself singing the words, “Sometimes the night is beautiful” and “Oh, God, you are my God and I will ever praise you.”  Having a mental soundtrack of praise to God as the day is started is an incredible boost to a morning of prayer, cleaning, and building prep. 

Once the early morning work was complete, I turned my attention to seeking God regarding a sermon I will share Sunday morning.  A potential title came to mind last night as I went to bed, and amazingly it was still in my mind this morning.  There is a lot of time between now and Sunday morning so there will likely be much refining even if the outline stays, but I got a good start on what I believe God wants me to share to encourage people to “GIVE Thanks”.  As the morning came to an end, it was time for lunch with a friend and then a trip to pick up a few supplies.  While I was out I crossed paths with a couple I hadn’t seen for a while and had a good conversation catching up with them.

With another day of no new photos, today’s photo is one from my trip home from ICOM on Sunday.  This eagle had found a spot in the river where he could keep an eye on the water surface and watch for his next meal.  Sometimes in the midst of a fast-paced life it is important to find time to just sit and pay attention to what’s important and allow the unimportant to go on by.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Change is a part of life.  
  • Sometimes our preferences change as a part of growth and sometimes we find it practical to learn new preferences.
  • God deserves my praise whether the night appears beautiful to me or not.
  • If I prepare a sermon without seeking God throughout the entire process, I will likely only share my words.
  • When I seek God and allow Him freedom to change and refine any and all aspects of the sermons I share, His Spirit has greater freedom to work through me.
  • Giving thanks should not be a seasonal activity — it should be a daily way of life.
  • Life goes by fast.  Sometimes you need to let the current carry you along and sometimes you need to find a spot where you can rest and watch it go by.


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