2017: Page 200

Page 200 started early.  I’m not real sure how early as Susan wandered upstairs sometime in the early morning hours and I got up to get her settled in the spare bed in our room.  Even after going back to sleep I was still awake again at 5:30; so I got dressed, loaded my kayak in the truck, and headed down to Potato Creek to catch some sunrise photos before work.  Today’s photo is the first one I took after I got out onto the lake.  There was a mist rising off the water and the sun had begun to light up the edges of the eastern horizon clouds even though it had not yet made an official appearance.  It wasn’t long after this that the sun crested the horizon and appeared in all of its blazing glory, but for this moment there was a subdued calmness that felt like the curtain was about to be pulled back just enough for me to glimpse into the presence of God.

I spent about an hour on the lake enjoying the great beauty God surrounded me with before heading into work.  The sights and sounds of creation in the early morning were very relaxing and a good way to begin the day — even if it was earlier than I would have liked. 🙂  At work, I began with a walk-through of the building and took care of a few minor things before turning my attention to the work I still needed to get done before this weekend’s conference.  It is always exciting to have the opportunity to teach about a lifestyle of prayer and I try to form all of my teaching to fit the setting and audience I will be working with.  This conference is for college students, so I’ve been working on ways to communicate how they can evaluate their current lifestyle and see how to make prayer the hub of all of their life choices and daily decisions.  When prayer becomes a connecting point with God in such a way that it defines our lifestyle, we either gain confidence in our current lifestyle choices or we are convicted of changes God would have us make.

As I worked on the teaching material, I took a few breaks to stretch my legs and rest my mind as I began organizing and repacking the books and display material I will take to the conference.  By late afternoon my workday was nearly done so I closed down my computer and made sure the bathrooms were cleaned and stocked for the evening before heading home.  At home, I fixed a late lunch and spent the early part of the evening relaxing before working on the photos from today and starting the writing of today’s page. 

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • We all have times when we don’t feel well or are afraid and God is always ready to comfort and encourage us whenever we go to Him.
  • If we knew ahead of time the nature and timing of interruptions, they wouldn’t be interruptions.  It is what we do with them that determines how beneficial they can become — or how harmful we allow them to be.
  • There is a good reason that God instructs us to be still and know that He is God — stillness helps us to notice His presence.
  • I generally end up with more photos than I expect whenever I photograph nature scenes.  It seems that each moment brings a new reminder of God’s creativity.
  • Teaching well requires that you not only know what you are teaching, but that you also know who you are teaching.
  • When prayer becomes a lifestyle, it permeates and even defines every other aspect of our life.


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