2017: Page 168

Page 168 was a restful day as I continue to do my best to guard at least one day a week that I don’t go in to work at all — although, while I didn’t go to work I still had some work that I did first thing this morning.  It seems that while I had written the next prayer guide on Monday morning as I usually try to do, I ended up sidetracked with other tasks and had never made it as far as getting it formatted and scheduled to be posted on my web site and emailed out to start the new week.  So while Susan slept in, I took care of that piece of work so it is ready to go out first thing tomorrow.

Last night, before Susan went to sleep, I had planted in her mind the idea that we would go to the zoo if she woke up early enough.  She has been thinking she needs a new stuffed animal for her upcoming birthday, so after I had finished the work I needed to get done, she was more than eager to get up and go look at animals — and to her their really isn’t much difference between the live one and the plush toy ones.  She enjoyed the trip and was able to see many of the animals up close as they were fairly active this morning.  We finished our trip with a stop in the gift shop where she found the “cat” she was looking for.  I suspect she would have preferred one of the ones roaming around behind the glass panels, but she happily settled for the “big one” she found.  

After the zoo trip, we headed home and I fired up the pellet grill to get lunch started.  By late afternoon we packed up our cameras and took a drive down to Potato Creek State Park to shoot some photos.  One of the bald eagles was out and perched in a tree along the shoreline, so we began by taking quite a few photos of it.  Today’s photo is one of those as the eagle was seeming to stare me down.  After taking his photo, we drove to the other side of the lake where a pair of osprey were at home in their nest.  Each of these birds of prey are incredible to watch as they are designed with everything they need to see, catch, and devour the unfortunate creature that they choose to be their next meal.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Plans and routines can be good, but sometimes things get overlooked even with the best plans and routines in place.
  • Plans and routines without flexibility will generally lead to a from of legalism — and that’s not good.
  • Forgetting to do a task at the time you normally would, is generally not the end of the world.
  • “Seeding” a thought ahead of time can help build anticipation and avoid surprises.
  • I tend to “wear a lot of hats” with a wide variety of responsibilities and each tends to come with its own title, but the work and title of “Dad” is one of the greatest.
  • My logical mind often wants to restrict the definition of real to things that I can experience with my senses.  God wants me to have a child-like faith that accepts that the unseen things of the Spirit are just as real, and perhaps more so, than the physically real things.
  • If God has equipped the birds of the air with all they need to survive, how much more has He equipped you and I to not only survive, but to thrive as His children?  


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