2017: Page 166

Today began with a variety of options in the schedule depending on what the weather ended up doing.  A light rain was falling as I went to work this morning and began my early morning walk-through with an eye on prep for the weekend.  After taking care of a few tasks around the building, I noticed the rain had come to an end.  Mowing was one of the options for the day but not until the rain stopped long enough for the grass to dry.  With the lawn still wet, I turned my attention to working on some more of the writing for my current devotional book project.  

It was over a year ago that I first began laying out the outline for this writing project and after coming up with the devotional topics for each of the 31 days, the project seemed to stall out for some reason.  I looked at it again late last year as the title and topic seemed to fit with the theme for this year’s National Student Conference, but after reworking the introduction and cover, it quickly stalled out again.  Early this month I was drawn back to this outline and soon found the devotional writing flowing smoothly again as I would spend time with God looking for direction.  As I prayed through my work today, the writing kept flowing and when I finally came up for air, the workday had disappeared but all of the daily devotions for the book were written!  After printing off a copy so I can start on the proofreading and editing, I headed out for a late lunch and decided the lawn mowing would have to wait until tomorrow.  As it looks like I will have this book finished and published in time for the conference, it will be interesting to see what part of its purpose, if any, God chooses to reveal.

After lunch I rested a while and unwound with some Wii Fitness play before going out to sit on the porch and watch for hummingbirds before dinner time.  I was still out watching when dinner was ready, so I filled my plate and had dinner on the porch.  As I was eating, the tiny ruby-throated hummingbird made a quick stop but I couldn’t get my camera to focus quickly enough to photograph it.  Eventually one of the larger hummingbirds came by and I managed a few photos and a short video clip of it.  As I waited for the hummingbirds, Susan joined me on the porch and I took a few photos of her and a few of the flowers blooming in the flower beds.  Today’s photo is of one of the early daylily blossoms.  These beautiful blossoms share their beauty for the day and are soon replaced by equally beautiful blossoms from the buds beside them.  It made me think that each of us have been created by God with a time to blossom and share His beauty.  Unfortunately, sometimes we worry far too much about those who blossom before us or those who are beginning to bud and will blossom after us, that we miss the joy of being who we were created to be.  Most days I need to be reminded by God that I live to serve His purposes, not my own nor those of others.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • There are too many unknowns in life to make very many plans absolute.
  • Doing what you can while you wait to do what you plan can lead to unexpected accomplishment.
  • Delays are often just pauses in progress to allow us to return to God’s schedule.
  • Giving up completely when God is only saying wait, causes many good tasks to go unfinished.
  • God doesn’t measure our success by speed, pace, or quantity; He measures it by faithfulness and completion.
  • Trusting God to accomplish His purpose according to His timing should lead us to watch for how He is working through us.
  • Sometimes it takes patience in order to see the beauty God wishes to reveal to us.
  • It is impossible for us to shine as we should when we are overly worried about how those before us and after us shine.
  • If I live to please myself or others, I will likely not please God as I ought.


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