2017: Page 157

Page 157 was a continuation of trying to figure out my summer work routine.  With a summer schedule that includes a week with the prayer ministry display at the North American Christian Convention in Kansas City and a week at the National Student Conference in Evansville, I’m not sure that a regular routine will actually be achievable.  But I work best with some semblance of order even if it will be interrupted throughout the summer, so I press on with at least an attempt at routine.  🙂  

My workday began with a morning walk-through of the building.  While I was writing yesterday’s page last evening, I remembered that while I had written the next prayer guide I had not yet formatted it or scheduled it to be posted online and sent out via email.  So, once I had checked on the building, I spent the first part of my morning getting next week’s prayer guide ready to be published.  After that task was complete, I spent a good part of the morning writing, and sending out, an Impact Prayer Ministry newsletter.  After the writing tasks were completed for today, I went outside with a sprayer fill with weed killer to work on some of the grass and weeds that had grown up along the sidewalks and in the cracks of the asphalt, as well as between the asphalt and sidewalks.  It was a beautiful morning to be working outside and I anticipate the results of my work will improve the appearance of the grounds once the spray takes effect.

After I used up all the weed killer I had, I spent the rest of the workday continuing to get things ready for the prayer ministry display I will have at some events this summer.  By mid-afternoon I headed to lunch and then called it a workday after finishing up the housing arrangements for my trip to Kansas City for the North American Christian Convention.  My late afternoon and evening were spent relaxing and working on some of the details for my trip to the National Student conference and the teaching I will do there.

With no new photos taken today, today’s photo is one from our recent family vacation.  The day was overcast and was building toward a storm that eventually moved in.  This was the first photo I took that morning and the result gives the appearance of a hazy morning fog coming off the water.  I really like the photo and the look that it has, but I used the word appearance on purpose.  It wasn’t hazy or foggy at all — at least not over the water.  No, the haze was the result of bringing my camera out of the air conditioned room into the humid warmth of the Florida day — it was my lens that fogged over, not the waterway. 🙂  Not everything is always as it appears.  The Bible teaches that the devil himself will at times masquerade as an angel of light.  It is important that we look beyond what appearances to understand what actually is.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Even when you know it can’t be maintained every day, it can still be helpful to develop a good daily routine.
  • One advantage of keeping a daily journal in this written fashion is that the writing of it often reminds me of tasks that are in process and still need completed.
  • More importantly, the writing serves to remind me of the incredible work God continues to do in and through me.
  • Sometimes tasks need done in a way that show immediate results.
  • Sometimes the tasks that we do take longer to produce what is wanted, but they won’t produce anything until we do them.
  • Advance planning can be fun when you keep in mind the results you are planning for.
  • Not everything is as it appears.  Wisdom will look beyond appearances to seek the truth.


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