Follow the Leader

Follow the leader
is what we’ve been taught.
Get into line
and march like you ought.
While that could work well
if the leader is wise.
Following the wrong person
could be your demise.

So how do you know,
do you stay in this line?
Or look for another
that is better than mine?
Perhaps the best answer
is to look who’s in front.
Are they following God,
or doing what they want?

You see, following the leader
is not a bad plan.
When we’re following God
and not just some man.
So, ask God a question
before you just do.
Will following this leader
take me closer to You?

If the answer is no,
you better think twice.
The path you are on
will not end up nice.
But if it is yes,
then each girl and boy.
Should follow the Leader
that gives us great joy!

© 2017 by Tom Lemler

As I scroll through my social media news feed, I find a lot of postings that seem to simply be following someone that is viewed as a leader.  We seem to allow ourselves to get riled up by a person who carefully crafts a story using only the facts that fit their narrative.  Without seeking the full story, we let the designed emotional tug pull us into choosing sides that are often in conflict with God’s desire for His children.  Many times the leader we choose to follow isn’t taking us immediately into the opposite direction, but they continually draw us to the left or right of the center of God’s will until we can no longer even identify what the center looks like.  This poem came to mind as I thought about the childhood game of follow the leader.  Every now and then the chosen leader would be mean and try to lead in a way that could be harmful or embarrassing.  But if the leader was following the directions and guidance of the teacher, the game always ended with everyone having fun.  As Christians, we need to follow God and look for leaders who live the words of Paul who said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”  I pray that you and I are not only following the right leaders, but we are leading others in the proper way as well.

In prayer,

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