2017: Page 58

Page 58 has been a busy day and I didn’t manage any new photos so today’s page includes one from a few days ago.  As I headed into work this morning, the sky was clear and filled with stars but the moon had “waned” all the way down to “new moon” status.  Today was pest control service day, so I headed into work even earlier than usual to meet our service tech.  As he did his thing, I worked on the cleaning and prep to have the building ready for the start of the school week.  With clear skies, the sunrise was beautiful but not as photogenic as when there are scattered clouds to catch and diffuse the light into brilliant layers of colors.  

Once the cleaning was done and the building was ready for the day, I settled into my Monday morning prayer guide writing routine.  As I spent time with God, my mind eventually settled on God not only being enough, but being more than enough.  When we begin to see the outpouring of God in our life as being more than enough, we are more likely to share what we have.  We like to think we can do things, earn things, accumulate things on our own.  Yet God asks, “what do you have that you have not received?”  The ability we have to do anything comes from God — even that breath we just took was received from God.  God goes on to ask, “if you have received, why do you act like you haven’t?”  When we fully accept what God desires to give, we find that we not only have enough, we have more than enough to do what God wants us to do.

Once the prayer guide for next week was written, formatted, and scheduled to go out Sunday, I headed outside to work on the Kubota to get it ready for spring.  I knew I would need to order rims and hubs for the rear of the tractor but I had hoped I would be able to get it usable as I wait for the parts to arrive.  It ended up being a chore to get the worst of the wheels off the tractor but I finally got it removed so I could take it to the dealer to get a professional opinion on what needed done.  As I suspected, the rim and hub were rusted and corroded so badly that they couldn’t be made to function even in the short term.  So I ordered the parts and will wait for their arrival to put things back together.

By mid-afternoon, it was time to call an end to the workday and head to lunch.  The workday didn’t actually end, however, as I picked up some supplies for work after I was finished with lunch.  I eventually made it home and spent a good part of the late afternoon and evening attempting to straighten out some issues with my phone and internet provider.  It was one of those evenings when after arranging for the first issue to be addressed, I was made aware of another issue and so it was back chatting with the support team to resolve that as well.  I think both issues are in the process of being resolved, but only time will tell with each of them.  Finally, it was time to write today’s page so I can get some sleep before heading back to work early.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It is good to work with people who are willing to adapt their schedule to avoid disrupting the school day.  
  • Each of us would do well to find ways to accommodate the needs of others.
  • A cloud in our life here and there can add beauty and depth.
  • Acknowledging how empty we would be without God can be pretty difficult for many of us who believe we’ve earned everything we have.
  • When we are content with what God gives we are more likely to share His resources with others.
  • We will never have enough until we decide that God is enough.
  • Maintenance is necessary and it usually becomes more difficult and expensive the longer we wait.
  • Maintaining our spiritual life is necessary and it usually becomes more difficult and costly the longer we put it off.
  • Problems and issues rarely resolve themselves.  We must invest ourselves in them if we desire to see change.


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