2017: Page 50

Page 50 began early as my body continues to battle the cold and sinus problems that have taken hold.  Instead of sleeping in, I was up at the usual early morning time of a workday.  I used the quiet of the early morning hours to write yesterday’s page before going back to bed and getting some more sleep.  When I finally woke up for the day for real, we headed out to spend the day together as a family.  There is something uniquely special about spending a day of worship in the beauty of God’s creation with your family.  While it is good and important to gather with a church family on a regular basis, there are times when it is better not to share with them the seeds of sickness that others really don’t need.  

The first part of today’s adventure was a two and a half mile hike that Susan walked almost all of — there was a short stretch of muddy canyon that she rode on my back.  It has been a long time since Susan has walked that much all at once so we took it slow and stopped often so she could rest.  Needless to say, she was worn out by the time we finished the hike but after a dose of cure-all Dr Pepper, she kept talking about how much fun she had. 🙂  For many people, one of the most difficult tasks in life is to slow down and take life at a pace required by someone else.  While it is often a subtle thing that most people don’t give much thought to, we often have a tendency to look out for our own needs and desires while disregarding those around us.  It’s not that we are necessarily opposed to what they need, we just don’t often think about what others need when our mind is focused on our self.  

After our hike, we had lunch and then set out to photograph some more covered bridges.  Two of our stops not only had a covered bridge, but there was a waterfall (even if it was man-made by a dam) and a mill at them as well.  Today’s photo is of the Bridgeton bridge and mill with the water flowing over the dam in front of them.  Each is a piece of history that can be seen and experienced.  While the bridge no longer carries vehicle traffic over it, the mill continues to function and is the oldest mill in continuous operation west of the Allegheny Mountains.  For something to last that long and to continue to remain in use, is almost unheard of in our day and age and doesn’t take place by accident.  Great care and continued maintenance goes into the longevity of anything and this bridge and mill have had their share of both.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Airflow is important to breathing, which is important to living.
  • Sometimes when I can’t sleep, it is better to get something productive done until I can go back to sleep.
  • Worshiping in a different way on occasion doesn’t mean you’ve abandoned “traditional” worship as long as it’s still the same God that is being worshiped.  Sometimes it is better for the health of others not to share what you have.
  • It takes effort to consider the needs of others above our own but the reward is worth it.
  • This adventure of life is a journey, not a race.  It would be best if we can journey together.
  • Hard work, continual maintenance, and dedication are required to keep doing anything, even good things, over a long period of time.  
  • The true reward to the Christian life is given to those how persevere and remain faithful until the end.


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