2016: Page 352

After finishing the writing part of yesterday’s page, the living part of it continued for a few more hours as I completed the cleaning that needed done before Sunday.  As I left work around 11 PM, I brushed a light layer of snow off my truck before beginning the drive home.  I wasn’t even out of the drive at work before my windshield was iced over and I couldn’t see out.  It seems that the light snowfall from earlier had changed over to light rain, only the 17 degree air temperature was freezing the rain onto whatever it landed on.  After setting long enough for the heater to warm up enough for the defrost setting to do its job, I continued my journey home.  Fortunately, the street had not been plowed yet so the ice was forming a crust over the snow rather than directly on the pavement so the drive wasn’t too bad.  After I got home I saw news reports of other roads where the snow had been cleared and the result was a sheet of ice with cars leaving the roadway.

I warmed up some chili after I got home so today’s page technically began at midnight with my finishing up yesterday’s dinner before going to bed.  The long day yesterday made it easy to sleep in late this morning.  The morning of page 352 was spent doing as much of nothing as I could imagine.  I played some video games and found out my Wii fitness age is 20 years old.  I did some online research for future photography trips of lighthouses and covered bridges.  After lunch I thought about heading out to do some hiking or shopping but when I went out to get the mail it was drizzling outside and still well below freezing.  That was all it took to convince me to stay in for the day and rest up for what will be an early day tomorrow.  My hope is that the layer of snow that covered the sidewalks when I left work last night will have kept the ice from adhering to the surface and allow for less effort in clearing them before the church gatherings tomorrow.  

Today’s photo is one I took at Potato Creek yesterday during my hike.  The fishing pier is covered in snow and the lake is covered in ice.  Even with the overcast sky, a simple beauty still exists.  I have taken pictures from this spot in a variety of seasons and weather and all of them remind me of a creative God that is not limited in any way when it comes to revealing Himself to those who would seek Him.  The Bible says we will seek Him and find Him when we seek Him with a whole heart.  Our pursuit of God will always be rewarded when we put our whole being into seeking Him.  I suspect that far too often we want a piece of God in our life but we are reluctant to allow Him to be all our life.  We try to fit Him in around the things that we make important.  Trying to fit God in will always have the same result — the things we make important continue to grow larger in our life while our relationship with God will shrink until it is non-existent.  God describes Himself as a jealous God and an all-consuming fire.  For Him to be God in our life, He must be God of all aspects of our life.  

I pray that you and I would do whatever it takes to see clearly in a world that in increasingly murky.  I pray that we would recognize and admit the areas of our blindness so that we would turn to the One who can make us see.  I pray that we would look for the beauty and creativity of God that He desires to reveal to us.  I pray that we would always seek God with a whole heart and be confident that we will find Him.  I pray that we would fully surrender to God as we serve Him.  


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